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We all have those special remembrances of how we met. I hope these stories will give joy to those who have had them to remember over and over again.

I'll start with how Mitch and I met. The rest will be included as they are sent in.
Mitch and I met through my youngest sister. They worked together and had become friends. Glee lived in a house that needed to have the exterior repainted. She decided to have a paint party to get the deed done. My divorce had been finalized a few months earlier and I was beginning to write a new chapter of my life. I came with paint sprayer in hand to paint the garage door. No ladders or any painting over my head for me. Mitch was also helping with the painting, so we met. Glee served dinner and much fun was had. We were also all covered with paint.

After all was said and done with the painting I went back to my two jobs and taking care of my townhouse. Mitch called a few weeks later, concerned about Glee and wanted my input on how to help her. We talked for quite a while and started going out. I think "finding" Mitch was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. He takes better care of me than I do myself. I do the same for him.