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Genealogy became a life saving past time for me a few years ago when I was forced to live horizontally because of my neck. My computer guru of a husband rigged my laptop computer so I could use it lying down. The research on our families kept my mind active and my spirit going. I still live with being a fibromyalgia patient, but don't let it interfere too much with what I love to do I continue the search by traveling to libraries, court houses, cemeteries, family reunions, and archives (both federal and state). I've found many new cousins, both dead and alive.

Please check out My Travels and Cool Finds pages. They will give you insight on the amount of detective work done to accomplish the findings in these pages and the databases I maintain.

I work on many of my husband's and my family lines. They are ever expanding as I find maiden names of wives. To learn more about these and the other surnames of my family, please visit my genealogical research website by clicking HERE. I have uploaded all my family databases with sources and documents. They are still growing!

Several years ago I became actively involved with several genealogical societies and activities.

  • The Grapevine Namedroppers in Grapevine, TX drew my attention because the library is so close to me and has a small genealogy collection and librarians that are truly interested in the activities of the people in their community.
  • I am the list mother for several surname mail lists on rootsweb.
  • I am a Past President of the Dallas Genealogical Society I became involved with this group of people because I wanted to support the genealogical collection of the Dallas Public Library. It's genealogical collection is one of the top ten public library collections. I support and use this wonderful facility.
  • I am a member of the Captain Nathaniel Mills Chapter of DAR, a lineage society of women that have ancestors that fought for or contributed to the fight for American Independence.
  • I am a member of many other lineage, state and local historical and genealogical societies. Check out my Societies page.
  • I've been given many thank-yous over the years.  Some of them are on my Awards page.
A few years ago I started taking on client research several years ago and get as excited finding their ancestors as I do my own!

My calendar is packed with client work, travel, teaching and lecturing. Check out the calendar to see if you are able to participate in the events on my calendar.