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Virginia & John

After World War II numerous veterans enrolled in the University of Missouri at Columbia, Mo.  Because most of those men where older than the female students, they tended to come to Jefferson City to meet the young women working in the many state offices.

In the spring of 1948 I was one of those, sharing an apartment with two other young women.  One of my roommates - Jo - was dating an MU student - Mac.  One evening Mac and his friend John dropped by our apartment unexpectedly.  It was our housecleaning evening so they soon left.  The following Friday evening Jo and Mac had already left for the evening when John came to the apartment and asked me to go out with him.  No way - I had only seen him once, knew nothing about him except that he was an MU student.  He left and returned shortly with Mac and Jo to vouch for him.  The four of us had a fun evening and that was the beginning of an 18 month courtship.  We were married 22 October 1949 during John's last semester at MU.  John and Mac came for the same small town in north MO; were "best man" in each other's wedding, and we're still best friends with Mac and Jo.  Both couples have celebrated 51
years of marriage and hope for many more. 
Virginia Tipton