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Gloria & Roy

Roy Otto Mathis & Gloria Jean (Goodmay) Mathis

Roy's point of view on how we met:

I lived in the Denver area at the time. Dick, my roommate and I drove up to attend the Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo and Festivities. We were with two girls who lived in the same apartment building in Denver as Gloria. I was introduced to Gloria in a Cheyenne Park where the four of us ran into her by chance. Gloria was wearing wire rim glasses. I thought Gloria looked like a "hippy". After only some quick small talk, we all went our own way. 

This was our first meeting Gloria's point of view on how we met;

I met Roy when I was living in an apartment I shared with 3 other girls in Denver in 1971. Roy was dating a girl who lived in the apartment just below mine. She had been in California for a few weeks. Her roommate was visiting in my apartment and Roy came looking for her to get a group of friends together to go to the airport to welcome his girlfriend home. I thought Roy was loud and obnoxious. Our encounters differ, but mine happened first.

I do remember running into Roy, Dick, my roommate Sharon and Roy's girlfriend's roommate Lynn at Cheyenne Frontier Days, so maybe he's right, but I don't think so. I'm just glad we finally found each other. 

Anyway we became friends and hung out together. We would often go places together when we didn't have a date. Just buddies so to speak. Finally after I got to know her I recognized how great of a person she was.