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Nadine & George

George and Nadine Tatyrek met as Oklahoma State University in 1952 when it was called Oklahoma A&M College.  It was May, Nadine, with her date sat across from George and his date at an agronomy banquet.  Almost ignoring their dates, a friendship began.  George called for a date the next day, but Nadine stayed with her rule of "no dates" during finals.  The friendship was "on hold" for the summer.  In September, Nadine, who majored in Agricultural Economics frequented the Ag library.   At that time, the Ag library was separate from the main library.  Inevitably George, majoring in Field Crops and Livestock saw Nadine and asked her out to a movie.  Forty-nine years later, George and Nadine are still working on their friendship.   Nadine Tatyrek

addendum:  George says he had to ask her out, she wouldn't let him out of the library.