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Rheba & Farris

I met Farris through one of my work colleagues who had known him since college. He had just returned from a second stint in the Air Force, this time during the Korean war, and was in graduate school at LSU and several of us went from Shreveport  to Baton Rouge, Louisiana for a work convention. Farris had a date with my colleague, and as I was leaving the hotel with friends, I saw them in the lobby talking to some of my co-workers. I walked over there and said, “I want to meet Farris.” We were introduced, said some pleasantries and I rejoined my friends and did not see him again. About a year later I decided to return to school to get a master’s degree and was accepted at LSU. At that time, Farris was in his second year of graduate school.  Unknown to me, a different colleague wrote and told him the day I was to arrive at LSU and said that she believed that we would like each other. Mere hours after I arrived at school, my telephone rang and it was Farris, calling to ask me to go to a movie with him that evening. We did indeed like each other and felt very comfortable together and continued dating for the next two years, marrying shortly after I received my degree.  We will celebrate our forty-fifth anniversary in July.    Rheba Kramer Mitchell