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Myrtle & Roy

From Roy Mitchell's written memories...

When my brother Clarence was married I was in the wedding party.  My partner was a girl named May Britt.  The other boy was Walter Hall and his partner's name was Annie Witt.  I thought she was the prettiest girl I had ever laid my eyes on.  She lived in Quitman, AR.  Later on I dated her for 4 years.  She had a buggy and so did I.  Sometimes we used her buggy and sometimes mine.  She was a school teacher and knew just about everybody in Cleburne County.

I was with her when I met Myrtle Nicholson.  That was a case of Love at first sight.  So I forgot about Annie and gave all my time to Myrtle.  That was in 1913.  I went to Texas that year.  I worked with a contractor in Bonham and Sherman.  I came back home in 1916 (Christmas) and in June 1918 we were married and lived in Clinton, Van Buren Co, AR.