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Albina & Jim

Jim and I actually first met in a Baptist Sunday School class not far from either of our houses. He and I shared a Bible during that one class before he left for Fort Sill in Lawton, Oklahoma. He was beginning his two years in the Army and going on to Vietnam. I was attending Oklahoma University and never knew what had happened to him. Shortly after he returned I saw him again at the Sonic Drive In one night and spoke to him. I had remembered sharing the Bible with him, but he didn't, as he had other things on his mind then. We struck up a conversation and had our first date on Mother's Day 1970 out to visit the Bavenger House east of Norman. Since he was an architecture major we went out to look at this very unusual house that opened for public tours only on Mother's Day. We continued seeing each other and completing our educations; he finishing after me since he lost the two years in the service. We married on June 20, 1975. I could never find anyone else that could be a better husband and father than Jim. I feel that it was the Lord's will for us to meet again and marry. Jim and I have both grown in so many ways since that June  20th, and would never trade them for anything. He has made me very happy. 

Albina Luther