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A cousin in Pensacola, FL that had done research on the Shows family invited us to look at her research and visit with her. We traveled through Louisiana to visit her for a few days. While we were there we visited the National Museum of Naval Aviation. It was an eye opening experience. We returned to the Louisiana archives in Baton Rouge on the way back home. We pulled more death certificates of his Shows, Erath, and Kramer relatives.

July was a busy month.

I returned to Louisiana to finish up the record gathering at their archives and at the court house in New Roads. I met a new Shows/Raby/Sellars cousin there. We had made arrangements to meet for lunch and then scan their old photos. I found many marriage records, succession records, deeds and even an 1880's divorce record in the court house there! The first trip there, and the second one didn't complete the research. The cousin in Pensacola, FL wanted me to return and copy much of her research so that it would not be lost. After much typing and scanning I got the majority of it in my computer. The trip home, took me for the third time to New Roads. I don't know if I'm finished, yet!

I attended the Dallas Genealogical Society Land Institute in July. I learned how to plot out land records that were found described in deeds.

The last Saturday of the month of July took us to Oklahoma City for the Tatyrek family reunion. This is an annual get together for cousins and friends we have grown up with on my dad's side of the family.

My husband and I returned to Mississippi for the Shows reunion we had heard about the first Saturday in August.

Late August- Early September
We don't do only genealogy. We do astronomy too. This year we traveled to a place just outside Tucson, AZ with my in-laws to Skywatcher's Inn and Observatory. We took some digital pictures and were hooked more than ever on that aspect of photography. I'd never have been in Arizona before and we made a short trip to Tombstone and then to Madera Canyon. Madera was a bird watchers haven. There were many types of humming birds there. So many in quite, quick winged flight!

Mid-September took me and two of my aunts on a circular trip through Missouri. It started by leaving Mounds, OK with them and heading toward Poplar Bluff, where a few miles away near Qulin we attended my first Melton reunion. We then headed toward the Missouri State Archives in Jefferson City. A Mathis cousin who lives there allowed me to scan her old photos and documents and shared her family research with me. Genealogy is about finding cousins and sharing your history with them. We went to Rolla where we visited with Chambers and Dunham cousins that live in the area, then on to Mountain Grove, where I had located some of our Wilson/Peveler cousins. There we found out more about the people my grandmother had so wanted to know when she was alive.

The weather was changing. I thought it would still be warm enough for me to make another trip. I stopped in Shreveport to visit their genealogy library before heading on to Mississippi. This trip is what I call my southern state archives trip. I started with Jackson, Mississippi with the archives there, then went to do more research in Ellisville, Moselle, Magee and Laurel, MS. I met with some cousins that took me to see Adam Shows falls and the cemetery where it is thought John Shows is buried. There the cool damp air affected my health. I did get many tombstone pictures that someday will find their way to the web. Montgomery, AL and it's archives was my next stop. I met a Shows cousin there to show him how to do research using microfilm and county court records. The next stop was the Georgia State Archives in Atlanta, GA (now in Morrow) where I met another Shows cousin. I had planned on returning for a few days to Montgomery, but instead headed home with a stop in Jackson, MS where I met with yet another Shows cousin. A pit stop was made in Monroe, LA at an aunt and uncle before I headed home to sleep for 24 hours!