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Back in the late 1930's, Woodie drove a coal truck for his step-father who had a coal yard in Alabama. This story involves Woodie and his two nieces Wilmadine and Phyllis in the area of Possom Hollow.
The girls would often hear Uncle Woodie coming up the road in his coal truck as they played, but usually hid as he went by. But one day Phyllis suggested the two flag Uncle Woodie down and ask for a ride. They waited in the road until they could here his coal truck coming. When he came into site they started jumping up and down and waving their arms. He stopped and learned the girls wanted to know if they could have a ride down the road a piece in his truck. Uncle Woodie jumped out and picked up each girl and set her in the back and off they went. A ways down the road he pulled over, smiled and lifted the girls out as he had to get back to the coal yard. The girls loved the ride, however, they quickly discovered they were black from head to toe, except for the whites of their eyes.
The next time the girls heard Uncle Woodie coming up the road in his coal truck, Wilmadine grabbed Phyllis and sat on her under a bush so Uncle Woodie would not see them and offer them another side that Phyllis was sure to accept.
by: Lusty Callison