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as Remembered by Rheba Kramer Mitchell
Viola Shows was the daughter of Newsom T. Shows, Sr. She could fish, and deer and turkey hunt as well as any man. When she was young, her friends called her "Joy." In later life she went by "Vi." She got a job teaching at 18 and contributed to the household accounts.
Vi had three brothers John R., the oldest, Newton, and N. T., Jr. Her nickname was Vi. John R. was a very courtly, jolly man. Newton was a very hard working oil filed man who loved to fox hunt and always had a large group of foxhounds. N. T., Jr. treated his nieces and nephews like they were people. He served on a Navy destroyer escort ship in World War II. He died in a car accident at the age of 36.
Lucille was Viola’s oldest sister. She was nicknamed ‘Cille. She had Newsom, Sr.' s laughing twinkling eyes. She loved to dance and taught most of the younger family members to dance. ‘Cille had her own beauty shop.
Lucille married Jeff Donaldson and after having three sons, divorced him. One was Bubber, Stanislaus Arcade, no less a very brilliant loving boy who died in the Army in Assam Valley, India of Typhus Pneumonia two weeks before he was due home from World War II. Later, ‘Cille married Buddy Jones, a member of Jimmy Davis band and a country western singer. One of Buddy’s "hits" was "Alice from Dallas" which he wrote about ‘Cille and Vi’s sister. Buddy was a policeman and a very low key person. He helped and befriended people from the poorest to the richest. Lucille commented late in her life that, "I’ve had a good life with Buddy. But looking back, and knowing what I know now, since I wasn’t abused, I think I’d probably stay with Jeff if I had it to do all over again. Each marriage has its own set of problems. Changing husbands doesn’t rid one of problems. Just changes the problems."
Irene, Vi’s next sister lived in Dallas. She and her husband Jimmy James had a cleaning and pressing shop near Fitzhugh St., "the rich part of town," now run down low rent apartments. She was hard working and cheerful and loved dogs. She and Jim were good at training dogs.
Gracie also called Alice or Maude, always a personality kid, a smart dresser, up on the latest songs, etc. Gracie married several times She visited family often and was a big supportive influence on many of her nieces and nephews.
Lonette, the youngest sister, was soft spoken and low key. She loved to read. Her husband, J. H. Welch, was a semi pro basketball player at the time of their marriage. He later was a railroad engineer.
All the children, except Newton, were well read, though Vi was the only one with any college. They always spoke correct English, kept up with things and were all very bright.

as Remembered by Lydia Donaldson Matthews
Once we visited Ed and Aunt WaWa (Viola) at Ben Field and Ed gave me a baby lamb. I actually got to take it back to Houston. I will always remember visits there. We crossed the bridge and opened a gate to get to the house. The bayou was in the front and we always wanted to go riding in the boat. We were always told there were gar fish that was so big that it could eat a man, so we quickly changed our minds!
My dad Raby, was a great man. He had a very high IQ and could have done anything. At one time he even was raised by Grandma & Grandpa Shows and also Uncle Ed and WaWa. There is a value there in our heritage that we can't replace. Their values and their fun and laughter. I have thought how my dad would have loved all of this internet communication. He died of Parkinsons on Dec. 3, 1995.