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Price and Emory Chambers owned a saloon and Carrie Nation came and destroyed it.
The following was overheard at "Jim's Place" after it was announced that Carry Nation would be here Friday, and handed to the printer.

Carrie Nation Coming
Say, Emery, git ten two-by-fours
'Nd twenty six-by-eight,
'Nd order from the hardware store
Ten sheets of boiler plate.
'Nd phone the carpenters to come
Most might quickdon't wait,
For there's a story on the streets
She's coming on a freight.
Oh, many years I've carried on
My business in this town
I've helped build everything
From the church on down.
I've let gig men for a wink,
get jags here every day
Say, Emery, get a move on, fer
She's headed right this way.
For after all their efforts bring
But mightly little fruit.
But when crow-bars 'nd hatchets
'Nd hand aces fill the air.
Say, Emery, get that bolter iron
Across the window there
It beats the nationno, I think
The Nation's beating me,
When I can pay a licenses here
"Nd still not sell it free.
Fer I must keep my customers
Outside 'nd make 'em wait,
Because the story's got around
She's coming on a freight.
There, Emery, now we've got her
Sic-by eight across the door,
'Nd solid half inch bolter iron
Where plate glass showed before.
Cut, Em, before that freight arrives
You'd better take a pick
'Nd pry that cellar window loose,
So we can get out quik.

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