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  • Salt Lake City January, July  and October 
  • County Meath, Ireland  April 
  • Virginia  (National Genealogical Society Conference) May 
  • Indiana  (Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference) August

January was cold, cold, cold. There were record breaking temperatures in Salt Lake City while I was there. It didn't put much of a damper on things. I still managed to find information and get better prepared for my return trip to Ireland.

April found me returning to Ireland, the land of many colors of green. We visited the churchs again. Taking more pictures, finding more records. I don't know how they all fit together. There are a lot of pieces to put together.

Virginia, the state, I saw most of in May. We traveled through Nashville, TN to get there and then visited a lot of Blue Ridge Counties along the bottom edge for their special repositories. The Bassett Historical Society was the best place with many books, artifacts and information gathered by local historians and deposited there. Then on to do site seeing along the James River including old homes, Appomattox, and the towns of Yorktown, Williamsburg, and attend the 400th year celebration of Jamestown. I got the see the President as well as the archeological dig of the old fort. There was also a museum that housed some of the artifacts found at the site. We did research at the Virginia Historical Society, the Virginia State Library, and then attended the National Genealogical Society Conference. We spent Sunday site seeing in Richmond visiting the Confederate Museum and the State Capitol Building, that had recently been refurbished.

A short reprieve in June and then off to Salt Lake City again in July. The heat is different there than in Texas and it wasn't too bad. I did have to slow down as at the end of April I had a disk in my neck herniate. I didn't find out what it was until right before I left for Salt Lake City. Friends helped with my luggage and I already try to minimize the weight when I travel. I found just as much information in less time because I was better prepared and organized. Many would say they don't know how I could be more organized! But, I was.

August I was on the road to Fort Wayne, IN for the Federation of Genealogical Society Conference and to vist the Allen Cunty Public Library Genealogy Center. I stopped at several court houses in Kentucky on the way up and several in Indiana and Kentucky on the way back. I made some progress on my own research for my Brown and Lewis lines.

I was the group leader for the Dallas Genealogical Society Research Trip to Salt Lake City. I was there for two weeks. One to do my work, the other to take care of the Group. I did get some of my own research done on my Chambers and Dungan lines. I'm hoping to get more done and on line soon.

November and December are holiday months as family and friends are visited during this time. I went to Lampasas, TX for thanks-giving as usual. Trips to Oklahoma for short respites wound up the year.