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March, not all trips are happy ones, this one was an emergency trip with my mom and one of my aunts to visit my dying uncle in Waynesville, MO. It was a short three day trip. We all make these sojourns, they never get easier.
May brought the funeral of a great uncle in Norman, OK. Attending funerals, weddings and other events can be used to glean additional information on the family. Be aware of where you are and who you are visiting/sharing with. There are times for everything, learn when you can and can't intrude.

Reunion SignWe had our first Chamber's First Cousin Reunion over the 4th of July. It was Fireworkssuch a huge success we decided to make it an annual event! The older children enjoyed the antics of their parents and uncles. There was lots of good food, crafts, games, visiting, story swapping, and laughter.

The end of July, first of August brought my second trip to Salt Lake City to do research with the Dallas Genealogical Society. This year was a blur as right before I left I found out we might be moving to Antwerp, Belgium for a year. It was a little hard to concentrate on the research schedule I had set for my self. I did some work for one of my cousins and looked for many records on the Melton line.

Groenplatts GardenThe end of October we were in Antwerp, Belgium to look for apartments and figure out how we were going to live over there and here, too. While we were there, every thing changed. The budget was cut and we would be going home to no job. We had two weeks in Antwerp. One was spent thinking we would be living there for at least a year and really beginning to like the idea, the other taking advantage of our time there with sight seeing.