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Willa KramerWilla Kramer was a petite woman that was the very essence of a strong Southern genteel lady. She was a treasure to those that knew her. Her pride in family was instilled in her at an early age and she passed it on to others.

It is because of Willa and people contacting her that work on the Kramer and Erath tree has moved forward. She also was a resource for many of the old family photos that have been scanned. My husband and his parents made a trip especially to do the scanning. Upon arrival, Willa insisted that she take us to lunch. While waiting, she very quietly said she had a confession to make. She said she had a whole lot more pictures and items than we thought she had. She hadn't wanted people to know that she had all this stuff because she didn't want to have people asking for copies, but since we had brought everything to 'do' it at the house, when we got back, she would show us the box. 'The box' was one of metal letter size file boxes with a lock. The scanning began. Four hours later we were still not through, but exhausted. We scanned all of the pictures that she could identify and most of the genealogical letters.

I returned later to scan all the unidentified ones. I've been able to identify some of them as the research progressed. 

Willa married in 1938 to Claude Guidry and they had a happy, loving marriage. They had no children, but her nieces and nephew looked at her as an extension of their parents. She knew she was fortunate to have them and her grand and great grand nieces and nephews pay attention to her and know her.

I am grateful to have been included in the in-laws of her 'kids'. She was a wonderful lady. I will miss her.