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Blanche ChambersGreat Aunt Blanche, the youngest child of J.S. and Nancy Chambers, was born in Colorado in 1920 where her parents had traveled following crops to pick. They were there several years until one of Blanche's sisters got snow blindness and the family moved to north eastern Oklahoma, where they all lived for much of their lives.

Blanche as a single girl, left home and went to the city to work in the 1940's. She earned her own way in this world and was self sufficient all of her life.

Blanche, never married, but helped raise and nurture several nieces and nephews. She continued to nurture them and their children even after they were adults. I was the benefactress of some of that nurturing. Blanche made time to help preserve some of the Chambers history in making a tape of the places she had lived. It is only 9-10 minutes long, but it is a treasure. Other's 'adopted' her as a second mother when theirs past from this earth. Blanche took the time and made the effort to meet with me in the cemetery where her parents were buried to show me their stones. She is buried there now (2004), beside them. She was the last of that Chambers generation.

Blanche had osteoporosis. It affected her physical well being most of her later life. She, however, did not let it affect her personality. She was always bright and alert. Blanche was an opinionated lady and let you know it. She was meticulous about her appearance and her home. She would always put her best face forward and not look back.

Take one day at a time, do the best you can, don't look back, only move forward