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SpeakingMy research skills are always being sharpened and expanded. I attend lectures and conferences as time and funds permit. I have started to make presentations myself speaking on the topic(s) I love.
My presentation titles are:

  1. What is genealogy and how do I get started
    Do you want to know about your parents, grandparents, and great grandparents? Attend this lecture to find out how to get started in this endeavor on recording your family history
  2. So you want to put your research on the Internet
    Do you want to make contact with others working on your family research or share with family members that you already know about? Either one, the internet makes it easy to share and update your information if you keep in mind a few simple rules. This presentation will go over those rules, places to put your information and ways of presenting that information as well as software tools to use.
  3. Tracing a Wilson Family Tree
    A presentation of the trials and tribulations in researching a common surname. It covers from interviewing to finding enough evidence to prove the line from a current generation to before the Revolutionary War. The presentation includes samples of census, tax, pension, deed, will, probate, and cemetery records as well as a few photos.Planning and Packing for a Research Trip
  4. How to pack and plan to get the most bang for your travel dollar.
  5. Genealogy on the Internet, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    covers what questions to ask when looking at genealogy related websites and goes over some of the better sites and those to steer away from.
  6. Those Musty Courthouses and the Treasures They Hold
    Not everything you need for your family research is on the Internet. One of the best repository categories you need to know about is Courthouses – Find out why in this lecture.
  7. Using Family Search - a two hour-presentation with a tutorial handout
  8. Using Rootsweb - a two hour presentation with a tutorial handout
  9. Beginning Land Record Research
  10. Beginning Census Research
  11. How to Use USGENWEB to Your Advantage
    The USGenWeb is one of the best resources on the web to help you with your US research. This lecture covers the basic information these web sites contain and how to milk them for all they are worth.
  12. Managing E-mail
  13. US Migration to 1813
  14. US Migration 1813-1910
  15. Using
    a one hour presentation with a tutorial handout
  16. Using
    a one hour presentation with a tutorial handout
  17. Getting Ready for a Successful Research Trip in Salt Lake City Family History Library
  18. Using the Dallas Public Library Website - a one hour presentation with a tutorial handout
  19. Using the Bureau of Land Management Website - a one hour presentation with a tutorial handout
  20. They Spoke German
  21. Organization for the genealogists, digital and other filing tips
  22. Internet and Technology (two sessions)
    The computer age has changed the way we search for our ancestors. The second of these two sessions will give you help with the technology side of keeping organized and making your life a little easier to keep up with everything. The first will cover dos and don’ts about using the information highway called the internet.
  23. Prepping to Jump the Pond
    General research tips for doing research from here in the US, for areas in Europe, the British Isles, and more.
  24. Become a Mapaholic
    Maps are important in finding ancestors! Do you know why? Do you know where to find them? How to use them?
  25. Genealogy, It's a Dirty Business
  26. A Genealogist Workflow
  27. Tying Families Together Before Vital Record Availablity
  28. Using Church Records
  29. Using fold3 and Military Records
  30. How do you know what is a good resource?
  31. Using map software & websites
  32. Pennsylvania Online Repositories
  33. Virginia State Library and Archives
  34. Finding and obtaining Vital Records
  35. Genealogy in a Nutshell - day long workshop that covers a wide array of records and websites
  36. Working a new family line - day long workshop showing how to use a wide variety of records and record your findings using RootsMagic software.
Contact me if you need more information on what the above presentations include.

I will develop presentations tailored to the needs and wishes of the audience.