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National Archives, Washington DC

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Hawthorne BountyBounty Land was received for service in the earlier wars. This land was granted, not just to the soldier, but to the widows and families of the soldiers. This is the certificate granted to Elizabeth Hawthorn for her husband William's service in the War of 1812. He was a private under Captain Green in the Mississippi Militia.

Hawthorne Bounty  Hawthorne BountyThe land was then surveyed and a certificate issued for the exact location of the land. This particular piece of land was in Louisiana, a public land state so the land description is by section in a township and range. Elizabeth sold the land after she received the certificate. On the certificate's back was the transaction to sale the land.

Homestead Land was obtained by proving your citizenship and required that you make certain improvements in on the property in a certain time frame. 
HomesteadThe packet cover for Final Homestead Proof
 Homestead  The Homestead Application. HomesteadThe receipt for the Application.
  NaturalizationThe Affidavit declaring his intent for becoming a citizen.
  The Application for Naturalization. (Yes all of these documents were in the homestead land packet!)
HomesteadThe final Homestead affidavit. HomesteadThe final receipt.
NaturalizationNaturalization back.
  NaturalizationNaturalization Paper.
HomesteadProof had to be established that the improvements on the land were made. There were standard forms with questions to be answered by two individuals that had known the applicant for the duration of the development of the property. There are usually descriptions of those improvements. You can find out a little about what your ancestor lived like from these descriptions.
HomesteadCertificate back.
 Homestead The Final Homestead Certificate. The land was his!