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Children's Names

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ProbateSometimes the record you want isn't easily obtainable, like a will. Many times it won't have all your answers either. Probate records are always a safer place to look. Start in the deeds. Most are indexed, not by the deceased person's name, but by the administrator or executor. That person isn't always the spouse! Deeds are a place to find that name! Also, don't forget that many women remarried and their name changed.

Matthew Massey did leave a will, however, it has not been filmed and I haven't yet made it to Indiana in my travels. I was so disappointed in 2002 when I didn't find the confirmation I sought for the Massey line. A later year I tried a different tact and found what one hopes to find for proof of a family and its ties.

These were obtained from the family history center library in Salt Lake City microfilm collection.